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Party conference survey results

Friday, 13 September 2013 Mind

Hundreds of you told us about your experience this year.

Thanks to everyone who completed our party conference survey. In doing so, you helped us shape the conversations we will have at this year’s party conferences. 

Hundreds of you took part and told us that:

  • you think your MPs' understanding of mental health is limited
  • your experience of the benefits system has been significantly worse in the last year
  • most of you feel there has been no improvement in services, but they are not necessarily getting any worse.

It is important that we know this and tell politicians about your experiences. Mental health is climbing the political agenda but we need to make sure this leads to improved services, better support and more understanding.

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The full results:

1) Your MP's understanding of mental health

How do you rate your MP’s understanding of mental health and how it affects you or people you know?

I think my MP has a good understanding  -  17%

I think my MP has limited understanding -  30%

I do not think my MP knows enough - 18%

I don’t know - 37%

2) Mental health at work

In the past year, have you felt more able to be open about your mental heath at work (if you are employed)? 

Yes - 16%

No - 31%

About the same -18%   

Worse - 0%

I don't know - 0%

3) Fairer benefits

In the past year, do you think the benefits system has become fairer for people with mental health problems?  

Yes – 1%

No – 48%

About the same – 2%   

Worse – 31%

I don't know – 12%

I haven't used benefits this past year – 6%

4) Tackling discrimination

In the past year, have you experienced less discrimination as a result of living with a mental health problem?

Yes – 14%  

No – 39%

About the same – 31%

Worse – 0%

I don't know -16%

5) More and better services

In the past year, do you think that access to mental health services in your area has improved?  

Yes – 3%

No – 70%

About the same – 16%   

Worse – 0%

I don't know – 11%

6) Better crisis care

In the past year, do you think crisis care services in your area have improved?  

Yes – 3%

No – 25%   

About the same – 3%  

Worse – 6%

I don't know – 10%

I haven't used crisis care services this past year – 10%






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