Mind's statement on news flexible working rights have been extended to over 20 million people


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Posted on 30/06/2014

This morning the the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills announced that, from today, every employee will gain the right to request flexible working. Up until now the right has only been available for carers or people who look after children and this has now been extended to all employees.

Emma Mamo, Head of Workplace Wellbeing at Mind, says:

“This is great news for the British workforce as flexible working helps employees to manage their work-life balance which is good for their mental wellbeing.

“Around 1 in 6 workers are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression. It’s important we all take steps to look after our mental health and flexible working gives people the opportunity to take control of their lives and take care of their health.

“Employers reap the benefits from increased morale, commitment and productivity and reduced sickness absence.

“Mind operates a flexible working hours scheme, that staff tell us they very much appreciate, which allows staff to more closely match their work hours to fit in with their out of work commitments. Following today’s announcement from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skill, we hope more UK workplaces set up similar schemes for their staff.”

Mind has produced a series of free resources to help improve mental wellbeing in the workplace which can be found here.

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