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Mind responds to Ofcom’s investigation into Piers Morgan’s comments on Good Morning Britain broadcast on 8th March 2021

Wednesday, 01 September 2021 Mind

The media watchdog Ofcom has published its report into Piers Morgan’s comments on Good Morning Britain on the 8th March 2021. In responding to Ofcom’s findings, Chief Executive of Mind Paul Farmer, says:

“Today’s ruling by Ofcom found that, although Good Morning Britain was not in breach of its broadcasting rules, Piers Morgan’s comments during the programme were potentially harmful and offensive to viewers. Ofcom’s ruling also stated the need for broadcasters to take particular care over how mental health as a subject is presented to audiences, so as ‘not to convey a message that sharing experiences of poor mental health could be met with disbelief, derision, or a lack of sympathy’.

Our own research shows how important it is when people reach out for support or share their experience of mental health problems that they are treated with respect and empathy. We found that a quarter of people said hearing a celebrity talk openly about their own mental health had inspired them to seek help. More than one in three said seeing celebrity mental health stories had prompted them to start a conversation with a friend or loved one about mental health.

Too often, feelings of shame and isolation mean people affected by mental health problems go without the help and support they need and deserve. We all still have a role to play to reduce mental health stigma and discrimination in the media and in society as a whole”.

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