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Media Advisory Service

What is Mind's Media Advisory Service?

Our media advisory service works with sections of the media and the arts world who want to tell a story about mental health, or explore an issue in depth.

We provide feedback on scripts to writers and researchers, to ensure that the portrayal of a mental health problem isn't stigmatising, and is as realistic as possible. We also provide advice to producers of commissioned factual programmes about their content and ways of working, and we can sometimes help with finding contributors.

Soaps and dramas

We work with researchers, writers, producers and actors on storylines that involve mental health problems. We can provide advice when an idea is in development, information about different conditions and treatments, and feedback on scripts in draft or final form. We can also set up workshops for production teams to meet volunteers with experience of a specific mental health problem, to find out more about what it's actually like to be in that situation.


We work with producers and researchers who want to examine an aspect of mental illness in a truthful and sensitive way. We can provide information and expertise on a range of mental health problems and treatments. We encourage documentary makers to address stigma, and the way that attitudes can change over time or within a certain context.

However, due to the large number of requests we get from production companies who are developing ideas, we can only help with documentaries that have secured a commission from a UK broadcaster.


Films continue to provide cultural reference points for many people's ideas about mental illness, even if they were made decades ago. New films have great potential to shape opinions and attitudes, especially if based in the present day.

Mind doesn't officially endorse or partner with films that shine a light on a particular mental health problem. But we are happy to look at scripts and provide some feedback before a film is shot. However, we have to prioritise requests, which we receive from a range of film-makers — from independents on shoestring budgets, to major producers and directors. We do this by looking at how in line the film is with Mind's work, and how big an audience it is likely to reach.

Plays, books, comedy, ballets, etc

Mind receives requests for advice on all manner of creative endeavours, and we don't have the resources to be able to help everyone — much as we wish we could! The further along you are with a creative project, the more likely we are to be able to help. So it's better to come to us when you have a firm draft of something, rather than when you're still at the ideas stage and are looking for general guidance or inspiration. We prioritise the requests by looking at how much of a project is actually about mental health, and how large an audience it is likely to reach.

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Please note that these contact details are for media advice enquiries only. For other requests, please find other ways to contact Mind.

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