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2017 Mind Media Awards

Awards categories


Full-length documentaries or compilations of excerpts from series that observe and report real-life situations and stories. This might include observational 'fly-on-the-wall' formats. These may be broadcast or available on line.


TV programmes that cover mental health within an entertainment, comedy or scripted reality format including entertainment magazine and chat show formats. It may be awarded for an individual programme or for a compilation of shorter excerpts taken from a series or strand.

News and Current Affairs

News strand or news programme that can best demonstrate a commitment to mental health reporting across the year. Entries should include a compilation of news stories lasting no more than 45 minutes.


Factual or docu-drama radio programme. Compilations from a magazine programme will also be considered. Total duration should be no more than one hour.


A single drama or drama series transmitted on TV, radio or online. If one programme from a series is entered, it should be accompanied by a synopsis of the other episodes to provide judges with context.

Soaps or continual series

A TV or radio 'soap' transmitted twice or more each week continuously for at least six months of the year. Alternatively, a continual drama series where stand-alone storylines conclude within each episode but the main characters continue throughout the series.

Entries may be one episode (but should be accompanied by a synopsis of the other episodes to provide judges with context) or a compilation from a number of episodes following a single story-line.


Films will be considered that have been on theatrical general release in commercial cinemas in the UK. Entries should be new films that have been screened during the qualifying period. Films should be able to demonstrate reach and impact.

Digital Champion

Open to bloggers, vloggers, Tweeters, Instagrammers, YouTubers, Tumblrites and any individual online creators originating in the UK, who embrace digital media to raise awareness about mental health or to support the mental health community. Entries should include evidence of reach and impact. There is no charge to enter this category.


A print or online magazine or newspaper that demonstrates commitment to reducing stigma around and/or raising awareness of mental health issues through a campaign, series of features or range of coverage across the year. Excludes specialist mental health publications.


An individual journalist (print, broadcast or online) who has made an outstanding contribution to the understanding of mental health issues. Entries must originate in the UK and be published or broadcast from the UK. Entries must be either a body of work from across the year, or an individual article which demonstrates significant research or investigative journalism. There is no charge to enter this category.

Student Journalist

An individual student or group of students for print, broadcast or online material developed for university or college media targeted at students, or for a piece of journalism completed as part of a university course. There is no charge to enter this category.

Special Awards – selected by our judging panel

Speaking out

Presented to an individual who has experienced mental health problems, for their inspirational contribution to at least one of the shortlisted entries. No separate entry required, these will be selected by the judges from the shortlisted entries.

Making a Difference

Presented to an individual or organisation in recognition of their outstanding contribution to improving the portrayal of mental health in the media. The award is for those who set the agenda and initiate change. No separate entry required, these will be selected by the judges from the shortlisted entries.


To be eligible for the Mind Media Awards, programmes or articles must have been broadcast or published in the UK, or have been available online between 18 June 2016 and 17 June 2017 (inclusive).

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