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Heads Together

Since 2016, Heads Together has encouraged millions of people to have important conversations about mental health. Learn about the campaign, and get involved.

What is Heads Together?

Heads Together is a campaign which encourages people to have important conversations about mental health.

Led by the Prince and Princess of Wales, the campaign unites 8 mental health charities, including Mind. 

Money raised by Heads Together supports projects which tackle the challenges of talking about our mental health.

These projects include:

  • £2m to create tools for young people seeking mental health help online
  • New programmes to support mental health in schools, workplaces and the defence community

What's Mind doing as part of Heads Together?

Since the campaign began in May 2016, we've been supporting people with mental health problems, and their friends and families, to talk about their experiences.

Our volunteers have been speaking out. They're showing how talking about your mental health can help. Check out some of their stories below.


Kerry bottled up her emotions for years before getting back on track. Then, she ran the London marathon.

>Read how she prepared


Seren kept her anxiety to herself before opening up to her Dad while out running. 

>Read their story


In 2012 Sophie couldn't run 100 yards. The 2017 London Marathon was her third marathon for Mind.

>Read Sophie's blog on how and why she did it


Being active helps Jess manage her mental health.

>Find out what happened when she met Prince Harry at a special summer BBQ


To celebrate father's day, Paul took his dad Norman to meet the Prince of Wales.

>Read what happened


Thanks to his colleague, Dan sought help for his mental health.

>Find out what he said to Their Royal Highnesses

How can I talk about mental health?

It can be hard knowing where to start when talking about your mental health. As part of the campaign, lots of celebs have been speaking out about their experiences.

By having a conversation with his psychiatrist, Bill, Mind President Stephen Fry showed that if you're struggling, it's OK to say so. 

Check out his film, and others, below.

Emily and Adrienne

Emily and Adrienne talk about the conversation that helped Emily to regain control of her feelings, manage her anxiety and seek support. 

>Watch the video

Denise and Lincoln

Mind Ambassador Denise Welch calls husband Lincoln her 'greatest supporter' as they chat about how he has helped Denise feel safe and secure.

>Watch the video

Kat and Beth

Kat and Beth met at their eating disorder support group, but found continuing the conversation over a coffee made a positive difference for their wellbeing.

>Watch the video

How you can get involved

Keep up to date with the Heads Together campaign by visiting the website.

Go to Heads Together

Other ways to get involved

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