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Posted on 17/10/2013 by Katie d'Ath |

Katie, a CBT therapist, has created a series of videos to help people struggling with OCD. In the short videos she explains treatment principles you can try yourself.

This week it’s National OCD Week where we hope to raise awareness of Obsessive compulsive disorder and related issues. 

As a cognitive behavioural therapist I have specialised in treating people with OCD for the last ten years so I see what a big impact this can have on people’s lives; how crippling, upsetting and confusing it is.  On the other side, I also see the extraordinary changes that people make in therapy and watch people turn their lives around. 

One of the big challenges that people with OCD face is finding the right help so I decided that I could share my knowledge and experience by making a series of OCD treatment videos to put on YouTube, so that people all over the world can access good solid treatment for free.  

It’s so important that people understand that whilst difficult to overcome this IS a treatable problem and you can live your life differently with the right help.  

If you'd like to find out more watch my 'Introduction to CBT for OCD' video.

Katie D'Ath is a cognitive behavioural therapist specialising in OCD. You can follow her on Twitter @katiedath

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