The extremes of behaviour and emotions played havoc with my relationships and daily functioning to the point where the simplest of tasks overwhelmed me.

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My experience of psychosis

Posted on 24/10/2013

Hearing voices with bipolar disorder

Katie, who has bipolar disorder, describes her experience of hearing voices when she is manic or depressed.

Posted on 16/12/2014

Mind podcast - Living with psychosis

Reka describes her three very different episodes of psychosis and why she'd rather have another one than take

Posted on 13/03/2013

Useful contacts

Bipolar UK

0333 323 3880
Support for people with bipolar disorder (including hypomania) and their families and friends.

Hearing Voices Network

0114 271 8210
Information and support for people who hear voices and local support groups.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

0845 003 7780

Provides guidance on health and social care.

National Paranoia Network

0114 271 8210
Information and support for people who experience paranoid thoughts.

Rethink Mental Illness

0300 5000 927

Information and support for people affected by severe mental illness.

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