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We all have times when our mood is low, and we feel sad or fed up. Often these feelings happen for a reason and pass on their own.

But if these feelings last for weeks at a time, or become so bad that they interfere with daily life, this might be depression. If you're feeling this way, help is available.

Watch: Depression explained

Watch our series of animations explaining depression.

You'll learn what depression is, and how look after yourself if you experience it. And you'll find tips for supporting someone else with depression. 

What is depression?

Find out more about what it's like to experience depression, including information about different types of depression. 


Learn about the different signs and symptoms of depression. Includes how you might feel and behave, and how depression can affect your body.


Read about possible causes of depression, including difficult experiences and life events, your physical health, and medication.


Learn about recommended treatments for depression, including talking therapies, antidepressant medication and self-help resources.


Find ways to help yourself if you're experiencing depression. Includes tips on accessing peer support, trying mindfulness and spending time in nature.

Helping someone else with depression

It can be hard when someone you care about struggles with low mood or depression. Read our tips on how you can support them - and yourself.

Hayley's experience living with depression

Watch Hayley share her experiences of depression, through difficult times to hope and recovery. Hayley also talks about using her depression as motivation to help others.

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