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Mental health apps

Are you looking for apps to help manage your mental health? We've put together a library of apps that we recommend, which meet our quality standards.

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We've partnered on this with ORCHA, who are experts in quality-checking health apps. So we know that all the apps in our library are safe for you to try out.

Benefits and risks of mental health apps

There's lots of apps out there designed to help you with your day-to-day wellbeing. 

Different apps could help you:

  • Understand your moods better
  • Learn and practise new coping skills
  • Connect with others

Some could help you with relaxation, mindfulness, and sleeping better. Some might help you manage feelings of anger, stress, sadness and self-harm. 

Many are free or low-cost. And you can be in control of how and where you use them.

But there’s so much choice that it can feel overwhelming. And apps in app stores aren't always checked for quality.  

You might worry whether an app will:

  • Handle your data safely and responsibly
  • Be effective at doing what it claims 
  • Be reliable over time

Whether you find an app enjoyable and helpful can also depend on your personal preferences. Different things work for different people. 

But you can trust that all the apps in our app library are safe and reliable for you to try out.

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This information was published in December 2023. 

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