Reproducing our information

Our information resources on mental health issues are free to read online and many of our e-booklets allow you to download (and print) a PDF file of the corresponding print booklet.

If you would like to make use of our online resources beyond reading them on the site, please read the answers to these frequently asked questions. 

Can I print booklets from Mind's website?

You can print as many copies as you like of the text of our information webpages or the pdf version of our booklets for your own use.

For professionals and organisations wishing to print and distribute multiple copies of our booklets (for example for a display, an event or a mailing) we suggest that you buy these from Mind Publications as we produce professionally printed A5 copies of our booklets and give discounts for bulk purchase.

You may not resell copies of Mind's information products.

Can I display cover images from Mind's publications on web pages, or in any other publishable format?

We are generally happy for organisations to display cover images, but any organisation wishing to do this should email Johnny Bird to seek permission before uploading or printing the images.

Where cover images are displayed we would expect a referral to Mind's Publications service or a link to our website.

Can we link to publications on Mind's website from our website?

You are welcome to link to any page on Mind's website. If you have any questions about this please contact Johnny Bird.

Can I reproduce Mind's information?

Mind gives permission to quote up to 200 words from our information resources on a website or in a printed publication, excluding personal experience quotes. Please ensure that you include the following acknowledgement:

© Mind. This information is published in full at

When reproduced online please also include a link to the original material on Mind's website.

Any requests to reproduce content of more than 200 words should be directed to Johnny Bird and a permissions fee may apply.

Mind can also offer an e-licence for organisations wishing to host Mind's information e-booklets on their website or intranet. Please see our e-licencing web page or contact Johnny Bird.

Can I use text from Mind's publications in my work as a student?

You are welcome to use any of Mind's information in your essay or project, taking account of your own responsibilities to cite sources and give references.

Unfortunately Mind does not have the resources to assist students directly with essays or research projects.

Can I translate Mind's information into other languages?

Any requests for permission to translate booklets should be referred to Johnny Bird.

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