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Our free online course to help you support others

We've developed a free online course, called Conversations in the Community.

You’ll build confidence in how to have conversations about mental health and wellbeing, to be there for others in your community.   

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When you sign up you’ll get an email with a link to start the course.

More information about the course

  • It's free for anyone to do
  • It's online - you can do it from anywhere
  • It takes about 90 minutes in total, but you can leave to take breaks and it will save your progress
  • It contains video examples of people talking, and practice scenarios for you to try
  • It's self-guided - no one will assess you
  • We co-produced the course with people who have experience of mental health problems

Our course won't make you a mental health professional. But you don't need to be a professional to be there for those around you.

We developed our Conversations in the Community course in 2023, with support from Co-op. Find out more about our partnership with Co-op.


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