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Antidepressants A–Z

Provides detailed information on all antidepressant drugs currently available in the UK.

This page lists the antidepressant drugs currently licensed for use in the UK. They are listed in alphabetical order.

If the drug you are looking for is not listed here, it may have been discontinued or be unavailable in the UK.

Some of these drugs have more than one name. You might know a drug by its generic name, or you might know it by a trade name. See our page about drug names for more information on this.

The list below includes all the possible names you might know an antidepressant by, including both generic and UK trade names, and directs you to our page of detailed information about that drug.














Where can I find more information about medication?

  • For information on what antidepressants are, what to know before taking them, and general information on side effects, withdrawal and alternative treatments, see our pages on antidepressants.
  • To compare antidepressants by type, form, half-life or dietary considerations, see our page on comparing antidepressants.
  • For general information about all psychiatric drugs, including information about coming off medication safely, see our pages about psychiatric medication.
  • For information about how recreational drugs and alcohol may affect your mental health, see our pages on recreational drugs and alcohol.

This information was published in September 2020.

This page is currently under review. All content was accurate when published. 

References and bibliography available on request.

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