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Give - random acts of kindness challenge

Taking part in social and community life feels good. There’s evidence that people who help others are more likely to rate themselves as happy. Take on the ‘give’ challenge by completing 14 random acts of kindness within Feel Good Fortnight.

Don’t forget, feel good and do good by setting up your JustGiving page to help raise funds and awareness for better mental health.

Use our acts of kindness tracker to keep track of which acts of kindness you’ve completed. You may want to do one act of kindness a day across the fortnight or a few in one go – whatever works for you.

The 14 acts of kindness

  1. Teatime treat: Next time you're at a coffee shop, pay for the person's order behind you in line. A bit strapped for cash? Make a cuppa for your flatmate, colleague or family instead.

  2. Donate to a food bank: Contribute non-perishable food items to your local food bank to help those in need. Local supermarkets often have donation boxes you can add to.

  3. Check in: Reach out to friends or family members. If someone is struggling with their mental health, Mind’s info pages and Time To Talk both have helpful information on supporting loved ones.

  4. Send a handwritten letter: Take the time to write a heartfelt letter to a friend or family member, expressing your appreciation for them.

  5. Advocate for mental health awareness: Find a story or bit of information that speaks to you from Mind’s social media channels on Instagram or Facebook and share it. Link to your fundraising page and explain why you’re supporting Mind.

  6. Give compliments: Pay someone you know a genuine compliment. A kind word can have a big impact on someone's day.

  7. Donate old clothes or items: Declutter your home and donate clothes, toys, or household items to a local charity. Bonus points if it’s a local Mind shop –  we've got a tool for finding your nearest one.

  8. Support a small business: Give a local business a valuable boost by going out of your way to write a positive review or shout about them on your social media.

  9. Offer tech help: Help someone who may be struggling with technology by setting up devices, troubleshooting, or teaching basic skills.

  10. Clean up your community: Next time you go for a walk bring a little rubbish bag and gloves with you. Make your world a nicer place and clean up any rubbish you find on your walk.

  11. Mystery donation: Find another Mind fundraiser and leave a small anonymous donation. Or even donate to your own fundraising page!

  12. Help others get help: Share this infographic of where people can go to get mental health support. You never know who may need this.

  13. Say it like you meme it: Spread some silly fun and joy in your friends and family’s lives by sharing a funny TikTok, meme or article that has made you smile.

  14. Show yourself some kindness: You are wonderful, courageous and thoughtful for taking part in Feel Good Fortnight. Find 30 minutes to spend on yourself doing whatever it is that brings you joy or relaxation. You deserve it too!

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