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Mind Membership News, our quarterly membership magazine is for and about members – and it's part of our job to help make sure that members’ voices are heard. We’d like to say thanks to all of the people who’ve generously shared their stories and experiences. Here’s a sample of the latest edition of Mind Membership News.


“You can’t explain clinical depression to anybody”

‘”Snap out of it. Pull yourself together.” People say it, or think it, a lot. It’s the most pointless comment, because if you could snap out of it, you would, wouldn’t you? I was lucky, my family never doubted I had anything other than a serious illness.'


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"Being the face of Mind" Polly's starring role

"It was good to see people who have recovered, or who are recovering, as often I only come across fellow sufferers in treatment settings. I felt like I could be myself, that I wasn't going to be judged..."


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"I try to explain mental health law to police officers"

“I try to explain mental health law to police officers, helping them understand the legal frameworks on which they have little training. I started by writing short pieces about laws and clinical risks, trying to include helpful tips..."


Michael Brown, aka Mental Health Cop

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