Frank Bruno talks to the Mind membership magazine about his experience of being sectioned

**The views in this interview are Frank’s own. Mind believes that medication can play an important role in helping people recover and stay well. Before coming off any drug, it’s important to make sure you have all the information and support you need to do it safely. You find out more information on medication on our info pages here.**

Frank Bruno, the former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion and outspoken critic of psychiatric medication explains below why he thinks the mental health system has to change. 

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On the times he spent in hospital...
I think the mental health system stinks. Too many doctors are dishing out medication without looking at other options. When I was sectioned they gave me tablets I couldn’t cope with. I was nearly biting off my tongue. I could hardly make myself a cup of tea. But they never identified the core of the problem. They don’t really care or understand what you’re going through. They just give out medication like it’s sweeties. All they would saw was, ‘Take this, it works for this’. But what works for someone may not work for another person, and that’s the core of the problem.

They don’t really care or understand what you’re going through.

On what he wants to change... I’m saying look at the core problem. The law needs to change. They’ve got to stop over-prescribing medication that leaves people feeling like zombies. Some people may need medication, but the doctors overdo it and don’t really try to care or understand.

On hopes for his new book... I hope the book opens a lot of people’s eyes and they see that with determination, willpower and focus you can be happy, be content and just live for today because you never know what tomorrow may bring.

Frank’s new book ‘Let me be Frank’ is released on 19 October. You can buy signed copies at  

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