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One of the (many) benefits of being a Mind member is that you'll receive a quarterly Membership News magazine. The magazine is packed full of mental health info and Mind updates, member and celebrity interviews as well as helpful tips and advice from our information and legal teams.

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Meet a member

Mind member, James, shares his experience of psychosis and explains how he found running to be the perfect escape...

He compares his experience of psychosis to the Marvel film Dr Strange, in which the title character can control time. “It was very psychedelic. I thought I was moving through dimensions, I thought I was being followed, I was paranoid, I thought the radio was talking about me, and then the TV. I thought the people I loved were trying to hurt me...

...“I feel so proud to be part of this community, I adore it,” he says, when asked what it means to him to be a Mind member. “I want to share my story and tell people about it. If one person sees this, sees where I was and where I
am now, and gets something from it, it’s worth it.”


Advice for staying well

In each edition of the Membership News, we enlist the expertise of our Information team to provide advice on various mental health problems. The focus this winter is on Bipolar Disorder. The article explains more about the disorder, diagnosis, treatments and how to stay well. We also ask the team your questions.

Getting to know your moods, maybe by tracking them over time, and being able to recognise your triggers and warning signs can be helpful. For example, do you feel high after a late night, or low before a deadline or appointment? Have you noticed changes in your sleeping or eating patterns?

Celebrity interviews

In every issue of the magazine we talk to celebrities about mental health. This time, we spoke to Coronation Street's Shayne Ward on playing Aidan O'Connor and bringing the issue of suicide to millions of viewers.

People might say it was just acting, but it was more than acting. This wasn’t Aidan O’Connor trying to flog knickers in a factory or something – you can switch off from that very easily. But this wasn’t acting: it was drawing on real emotion. In those scenes those were genuine tears. There was no tear stick. That was pure emotion, raw emotion, heartfelt cries, because you’re acting for people you’ve lost, people going through it, people who feel they haven’t got a voice. In those moments it was all completely raw.


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