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Local Minds in Wales

We have 16 local Minds in Wales, and they're all different. They offer mental health services tailored to the needs of their local community. Find your nearest one, and learn more about what they do, on this page.

Mae'r dudalen hon hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg. This link will take you to a Welsh translation of this page.

Find your nearest local Mind in Wales

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Why am I not seeing my nearest local mind?

Unfortunately, there are a few places in England and Wales that aren't covered by a local Mind service yet (we're working on it). And we don't operate in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

But don't give up - there may be other services near you. You can:

What do local Minds in Wales do?

We have a local Mind in every single local authority in Wales. And we also have a local Mind in each of the 7 local Health Board footprints.

Every local Mind is different. Services are based on what communities need. This means what’s available may vary from one local Mind to another. They might offer:

  • Therapy and counselling
  • Urgent support if you're in crisis
  • Information and advice on benefits, housing and legal rights

"I can hand on heart say my local Mind not only kept me alive, they kept me alive and in my home with my children. I now know I deserve to be happy."

Nicki, Powys

How do Mind Cymru and Welsh local Minds work together?

When Mind Cymru and local Minds work together, we can reach more people and build a healthier Wales. We share knowledge and ideas. We support and invest in each other's work.

Our 3 year strategic plan, One Mind in Wales, sets out how we'll work together as a network to become more inclusive and effective.

Together, we can reach every corner of Wales, offering services and support for people living with mental health problems.

To find out more about our impact in Wales, read our local Mind federation in Wales annual impact report 2022/23.

"One person told me how Mind Pembrokeshire had quite literally saved their life."

Simon Stephens, Head of Networks in Wales.

Read more about Simon's journey in discovering the power of our local Minds.

Support your local Mind in Wales

Being independent charities, local Minds raise their own funds. Each local Mind has a board of trustees, volunteering their time to set the organisational strategy.

You can help your local Mind to do more by fundraising. Giving locally means your donation will support your community.

Use the local Mind finder at the top of this page to get the contact details of your closest local Mind.

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