Mind's statement on patients being sectioned because of "pressure on beds"


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Posted on 02/06/2014 |

This morning the Royal College of Psychiatrists released findings from its survey of 576 trainees working in psychiatry across the UK. Alarming results show that pressure on mental health beds is so severe, doctors are resorting to sectioning some voluntary patients in a basic step to secure necessary care.

In response, Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind has said:

"Many people know that if they experience a mental health crisis they need vital support, urgently. For some, this means hospital care. Being denied that basic request for help can have tragic consequences.

"The decision to section someone under the mental health act is an incredibly serious one. It is wholly inappropriate to use this power simply to secure a bed for an otherwise voluntary patient. However, with services grossly overstretched and continued cuts to mental health funding, it is no surprise that medical staff feel they have no alternative.

"Today's report demonstrates the very real consequences of making cuts to mental health services, at a time when they're so desperately needed. The government must see this as a wakeup call and recognise that delivering mental health services on a shoestring simply is not a viable option."

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