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Take notice – 14 days of yoga

Reminding yourself to take notice can help you be more aware of how you're feeling. Savouring the moment can also help you feel more positive about life.

Yoga is a wonderful way to do this, as well as helping you to:

  • cope with stress
  • improve wellbeing
  • develop flexibility, strength, balance, and co-ordination

Use our take notice yoga plan to take you on a 14-day journey to improved wellbeing. Record how many minutes a day you complete and feel the difference at the end of the fortnight.

Feel good and do good by setting up your JustGiving page to help raise funds and awareness for better mental health.

Yoga challenge week 1

  1. Wake up and rise
  2. Mood lifter
  3. Improve your posture
  4. Yoga Nidra)
  5. After Work Yoga
  6. Chair Yoga
  7. Ground and reset

Yoga challenge week 2 

  1. When you're feeling unmotivated
  2. Dancing warrior
  3. Family yoga
  4. Stretching
  5. Trusting your intuition
  6. Yoga for anxiety and stress
  7. A little bit of everything
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