Pat: "For me to say that I was a valuable person was a massive breakthrough."

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Pat For Web

On her phobias...

One of my main phobias is around germs and contamination. When it was at its worst, I was obsessed with where food had been prepared, who had prepared it, what ingredients were in it.

On how they affect her...

I never ate out or at other people’s houses. When I went shopping it took hours because I’d check every ingredient. I remember spending one Christmas Day sitting alone eating soup, because I couldn't trust anyone else to cook.

On the turning point...

I always say it took two years for me to eat one fish finger, but I kept at it. Things don't happen overnight, but they do happen - so don't give up on yourself. You'll be amazed at how strong you are within.

On how CBT helped...

CBT basically saved my life, because I was starving myself to death. It helped me to see my behaviours and to address them without necessarily going into the causes in great detail. It helped me to adjust my thinking, because I had no self-esteem.

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