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It's ok to need support.

You're in good company with around 50,000 other elefriends who support each other through tough times. Signing up to elefriends takes a couple of minutes and you can write as much or as little as you want. 

"Joining elefriends is one of the best things I've ever done" - wuthering18

"Was feeling all alone but being able to reach out here is a lifesaver" - Raye

"Elefriends has actually helped me understand my mental health better"

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What is Elefriends about?

Elefriends is a supportive online mental health community where you can be yourself. We all know what it’s like to struggle sometimes, but now there’s a safe place to listen, share and be heard. Whether you’re feeling good right now, or really low, it’s a place to share experiences and listen to others. Shared experiences and perspectives are valuable and powerful. In this way, elefriends don’t just get help, they give help, too. In the good times and the bad.


"I absolutely love elefriends, it has given me a place to talk to people in similar situations. Having mental health problems, I find it hard to find people like me and talk about things but on elefriends it's so easy and comforting Xx"

Less alone

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Elefriends have told us that being part of the herd makes them feel less alone and isolated. Elefriends is available 24/7, so whenever you need to talk to someone, we're here.

Get Advice

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Whether you're looking for advice on your specific mental health problems, medication or just your garden, elefriends are here to help. We're a diverse bunch with a huge range of interest and experience.


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Elefriends both give and get support. Whether Elefriends is your first port of call, or you feel as though you've nowhere else to turn, we can help.

What's Elefriends like?

Concerns about joining?

  • How do we keep the site safe?
  • Is it anonymous?
  • What do you do with my information?

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What happens after you register?

You can't see the community until you register to join. After you sign up, and confirm your email, you will see a page like this:

Elefriends page


Most members take some time to read and settle in. You can learn more about getting started here. You can post as much or as little as you want.

Also available on app:

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What do Elefriends get up to?

Elefriends talk about mental health issues but also how their day is going and life in general. Elefriends share, read and chat to each other online. On Elefriends you can:

  • Write posts
  • Comment on other people's posts
  • Offer support through buttons like 'thinking of you', 'I hear you' etc.
  • 'Pin' their favourite posts
  • Add friends to your 'feed' to keep in touch with a smaller group
  • You can also private message (turned off by default).

 We're a crafty bunch, as you can see below!


Positive Memes

Elefriends love sharing positive images and quotes.


Elefriend Crafty Collage

We do have some artists and crafty members in the herd, who enjoy sharing their latest project.


Ele Collage

With The Ele as the community mascot, we've seen it all from knitted eles to tattoos!

Hear from a real Elefriend

Angelo blogs about the different ways in which Elefriends has supported her.

"I used Elefriends first of all to see if I could find any answers as to why someone would end their life and I found it difficult to read people’s stories. Elefriends is different to other sites mainly because of the “house rules”, which I think are good and should be used on other social media sites..."

Read Angelo's story

"Feeling much better since joining elefriends. Reading experiences of others gives me perspective. I have suffered with anxiety for years. Realising that many of my anxieties have been less than worthwhile helps me to manage the moment to moment sensation. This is a great site - thanks!" - guitar

"I've found the community on here really supportive and it's even helped me open up about my mental health in the real world too" - iatrogen


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