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It is ok to ask for help. But we know it can be a tough step to take.

We at Mind have a huge amount of mental health information, sources of support, and other ways we might be able to help you or someone you know.

Below are a few ways in which Mind might be able to help.
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Our mental health info

What can Mind do?

We know it's not easy. Asking for help can be embarrassing, or even scary. It can feel like you're saying 'the face I've been presenting to the world is not the real one'.

We also know some people have not got the help they needed when they needed it. That's why we campaign so hard. We will not give up until everyone affected by mental health problems get both support and respect.

We want to answer every call for help. For instance, we have mental health helplines open 9am-6pm each weekday (except holidays), staffed by highly-trained, understanding, real people.

And we might be near you right now - there are local Minds around England and Wales.

Our helplines

What do people say about Mind?

Mind isn't just another charity - we like to think of Mind supporters and staff as being part of the same team, and many people who work here have their own experience of mental health problems. We love being in touch with everyone on social media - especially Facebook and Twitter (but also TumblrInstagram, Vine and more!)

We also have a very special online peer support community called Elefriends, a safe place to talk to others about how you're feeling.

Elefriends and the Elephant feel like part of my healing family now

What's it like to live with mental health problems?

Woman by brick wall

Sometimes just the words 'mental health' can be worrying. Perhaps you or someone you know is just getting your head around these issues for the first time. We have dozens of blogs from people talking about their experiences, showing that mental health problems can happen to anyone, and how people have found hope and help.

Real life stories

We are Mind - thank you for visiting our website

In this video you can find out more about who we are and what we do, including some words from our President, Stephen Fry. 

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