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Organisational development

Mind regularly consults with people with lived experience to help develop our strategy, services, projects, and campaigns.

Involving people with lived experience in Mind's strategy

When Mind began working on its current strategy, it was important for people with lived experience of a mental problem to influence it. We wanted our plans to reflect the true needs of people with lived experience.

A strategy advisory panel of 12 people with lived experience from England and Wales worked with us to shape our strategic plans.

Read more about the panel. 

Tom's experiences

Tom worked in Mind's information team. In his film, he discusses how people with lived experience influence the development of Mind's information resources.

"It can be useful for both sides if you put in place an agreement or terms of reference at the very beginning to pre-empt a variety of issues. Ideally, you should ask everyone involved in the process to sign or acknowledge an agreement and its terms and conditions. You can refer back to it at any point, should things become challenging."

Involving people with lived experience as trustees

At Mind, we encourage people with lived experience to become trustees. There are seats on the board reserved especially for them. This makes sure lived experience guides us at the highest and most strategic level.

Sarah Rae, a Mind member and trustee, has written about her experience of sitting on Mind's board. Read about her experiences as a member and trustee.

"People who use services are involved in governance, as trustees and on sub-committees. They change things alongside us. They tell us what works and what doesn't."

Other ways to get involved

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