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People with lived experience of mental health problems and are often asked to tell their stories in the media. Helping to educate the public and dispel some of the myths associated with mental illness is a fundamental aspect of our work; in turn, this helps us tackle stigma.

We call people who take part in this activity media volunteers. Journalists from a huge variety of media outlets contact our media team on a daily basis, and are frequently looking to interview people with particular experiences of mental health problems. Real life examples bring an issue to life, and allow the audience to understand and empathise with issues around mental health.

Media volunteers are vital to all of our campaigning work as it helps bring to light injustices and issues which people with mental health problems face everyday. Speaking out in the media also empowers people with lived experience to help break the stigma and raise awareness of mental health, which can ultimately bring about change and reform.

Mind’s media volunteers have appeared across a broad range of media outlets to talk about breaking issues around mental health, such as disability cuts, workplace discrimination and crisis care services. Many have also worked with producers and cast members of documentaries, soaps and films to help encourage better portrayals of mental health.

Mind media volunteer

"All the Mind media stuff really cheers me up amidst all the other generic life problems, so it's not too much or overwhelming at all- it's actually a positive thing that I'm really grateful to have as part of my life."

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