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Service design - deciding together

Service design is a methodology used to explore and create new or improved services. It uses a variety of approaches, many of which overlap with influence and participation principles.

In partnership with our local Minds we have developed Service Design in Mind which uses distinct steps and tools in order to structure thinking and allow for the exploration of ideas including carrying out research, developing insights, idea generation and idea prioritisation as well as prototyping and delivery. Ideas and insights from people with lived experience are essential to service design and we advocate that people with lived experience are part of every stage of the service design process.

We use our Service Design Methodology to:

  • explore how a current service could be better designed to meet people’s needs and aspirations
  • create a brand new service that meets identified needs and opportunities
  • generate insights about the unmet needs of the local community and/or current service users as evidence that further service development is needed.

To find out more about Service Design at Mind please e-mail us at [email protected]

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