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When you run a lived experience activity, it's important to offer feedback to the people who took part. Feedback shows people how their input has impacted your work, and helps them to feel listened to and valued. As a result, they'll be more likely to get involved again.

One of the concerns people with lived experience have about influence and participation is that their views aren't taken into account, and no action is taken as a result of their involvement.

Giving feedback shows you've listened to people's ideas. It reassures them that their participation wasn't tokenistic. And it shows the process and outcome is credible.

What to feedback

Learn how to give targeted and general feedback, and how to explain the impact of people's involvement.

When to feedback

Learn how to give initial, interim, and full feedback, and what you need to include for each type.

How to feedback

See the different methods you could use to feedback. Learn how to report back on your lived experience work. 

Useful tools for feedback

Feedback form

This template helps you to gather feedback from participants. Their feedback will help you understand their experience of taking part. And help you to identify changes you need to make.

You said, we did

This tool can help you give meaningful feedback to participants in your activity. It helps you to be clear about the effect of their involvement.

Other ways to get involved

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