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When you've conducted your activity, it's important to offer feedback to people who participated. Receiving feedback shows people how their input has impacted on your work, they feel listened to and valued. As a result they will be more likely to get involved again.

One of the concerns people with lived experience sometimes have about influence and participation is that their views not taken into account and no action is taken as a result of their involvement. Providing feedback demonstrates that you have listened to people's ideas and assures them that their participation was not simply tokenistic. It also demonstrates the process and outcome is credible.

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Feedback form

Using this template enables you to ask consistent questions across all activities and throughout your organisations. The feedback people give you will help you understand people's experience of taking part and identify changes you can make to future activities.

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You said, we did

This tool can help you give meaningful feedback to participants in your activity and be clear about the effect their involvement has had.

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