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Our local GP practice is often the first place we go when we're unwell. It's there to help us with our mental health as well as our physical health.

But mental and physical health are closely connected. Some mental health problems might stop us from getting enough sleep, or make it harder to keep active and eat healthily. Equally, experiencing physical health problems can lead to anxiety, low mood or depression.

It’s important that you and your doctor or nurse talk about your health as a whole. Treating mental and physical health together will help us to get the support we need to stay well. Watch our film to see what a difference this can make, and download the Find the words guide to make the most of your GP appointment.

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We’ve made a guide to help you to talk to your GP or practice nurse about the things you might find hard to express
and to make the most of the few minutes you have with them.

Download the English version

Download the Welsh version

Download the Urdu version

Download the Punjabi version

Download the Polish version

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