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Posted on 17/09/2015 by Rubyetc |

It’s one of those days. You’re feeling a little off. What do you wear when you're feeling rubbish? (And would you share a #mycomfortclothes pic?)

The great cartoon above by Rubyetc. - and the fact that it’s London Fashion Week this week - got us at Mind thinking about clothes and how they might affect how we feel. 

Style can be fun... but let's hear it for the comfort clothes! What do you wear to feel better?


Perhaps it is in fact something really stylish gives you a much-needed confidence boost..? While many of us will find a slightly less elegant assemblage - drawn from an assortment of well-worn t-shirts, cardigans, hoodies, elasticated-waist trousers and general comforting bagginess - is the thing to throw on when we want to hide away from the world for a bit.

This week the media spotlight will be on the latest fashion. Well, here at Mind we're going to give tribute to our old favourites. The question is, will you share a pic of your comfort clothes with us? It doesn't have to be a selfie, you can just snap your favourite ancient t-shirt (or glamorous ballgown) without wearing it. 

We'll be sharing pics using the hashtag #mycomfortclothes across our social media pages - do join us if you feel like it:

...Or not. After all, this is all about what makes you feel comfortable :)



Ruby is a 22 year old human and artist(ish). She draws sad things in funny way and vice versa.

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