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Posted on 07/09/2015 by Rubyetc |

Many people find drawing or painting helpful in managing their mental health and images can often express things that words can't. In the first in a series of guest illustrations from Rubyetc, a London based artist with a passion for portraying mental health issues through illustration, we look at therapy.

Do you wonder if therapy is right for you?

Talking treatments provide a regular time and space for you to talk about your problems and explore difficult feelings with a trained professional.

This can help you to deal with specific problems, cope with a crisis, improve your relationships, or develop ways of coping.

The purpose of talking treatments is not, usually, to give advice, but to help you understand your feelings and behaviour better and, if you want to, to change your behaviour or the way you think about things.

So how do you know if talking treatments are right for you?



Ruby is a 22 year old human and artist(ish). She draws sad things in funny way and vice versa.

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