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How to use the Influence and Participation Toolkit

The Toolkit is divided into the following sections:

  1. What is the toolkit about?
    Including the aim of the toolkit and how it was developed
  2. Why does influence and participation matter?
    Including benefits for people with lived experience and benefits for staff
  3. How – Planning & Carrying out influence and participation activities
    Including how to plan, methods you can use and how to feedback
  4. Challenges to influence and participation 
    Including some common challenges experienced by people with lived experience and by staff and organisations and how you can overcome these.
  5. Other resources
    Including all case studies and tools.

Each section comprises information, tools, tips and templates, as well as some practical examples to give you ideas and steer you towards making the influence and participation process positive for everyone involved, from beginning to end.

You will also find some short films. These include interviews with Mind staff, and people with mental health problems who have participated in and influenced the work of Mind or other organisations, sharing their experiences in their own words of what helped in the process – and importantly, what didn’t.

Finally, we’ve included links to other useful organisations you can go to for further information and resources.

You can dip into and out of each section as you need to. For example: 

  • You can use the Toolkit (and/or the relevant sections) to explain the concept of influence and participation to new members of staff. 
  • If you’re looking for new and creative ways for people to participate and influence your work, you may find some helpful case studies and examples to draw on. 
  • If you’ve come up against challenges, you can use the specially designed tools to help you to think about and devise strategies to overcome them.

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