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Our partnership with Co-op

Communities coming together to support mental wellbeing

Our lives are full of challenges that sometimes feel difficult to cope with. If you have the right support around you, the ups and downs of life can be more manageable. We're working with Co-op to empower communities and individuals to provide support when things feel like they're getting too much.

1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem in any given year. That's around 14 million people in the UK - someone in every family, workplace and friendship circle.

Building skills to support mental health and wellbeing

We're working with SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) and Inspire in Northern Ireland to help people develop the skills to effectively support the mental health of those in their communities.

Together, we'll speak out through national campaigning and influence to help make a real difference.

Our partnership research shows that 1 in 3 people don't have the support or tools to cope with life's ups and downs. 8 in 10 (81%) of those people said that having support in their community would help them, such as:

  • spaces to talk
  • community activities
  • other support services.

We're hoping that working with one of the UK's biggest retailers will help us reach more people than ever across all 4 nations. And create lasting change in our communities for better mental health.

Fundraising for stronger communities 

We aim to raise £8m through our partnership by engaging staff, members and customers in a range of national and local fundraising. So far, Co-op colleagues and customers have raised a fantastic £7m.

We want to say a huge thank you to Co-op colleagues and customers from all of us at Mind. Your hard work, enthusiasm, and support enable us to deliver innovative new services to support better mental wellbeing in communities through:

  •  our local Mind network
  • across the UK with our charity partners Inspire and SAMH.

Making a difference with new services

Money raised from our partnership with Co-op is going straight to our communities. And it's being used to help fund more than 50 new mental wellbeing services across the UK. 

The services support people with and without a mental health problem to develop the tools they need to stay mentally well.

Of the 8000 people we've supported via our services so far:

  • 80% said their mental wellbeing had improved
  • 79% felt they could cope better with life's challenges.

“Sometimes I come to the group feeling really dismal about the world. But when I leave, I do feel like I’m not alone like I have hope, and that I can keep going forward​.”

Young Person, Co-op-funded peer support group

Our partnership research

Our partnerships commissioned research called Together Through Tough Times. It was carried out to help us understand what makes mentally resilient communities.

The research reveals the importance of communities in supporting mental wellbeing. When people play an active role in their community, they develop support networks. And these support networks can be there for people that need them the most.

When you help others, it can improve your own mental wellbeing as well as others. Whether it's small acts of kindness towards or volunteering in your community, it can make a real difference.

Read the main research report in English 

Read the case-study supplement in English 

Read the main research report in Welsh 

Read the case-study supplement in Welsh 

SAMH in Scotland

We are working alongside SAMH, Scotland's national mental health charity, on this UK-wide partnership.

 Visit SAMH

Inspire in Ireland

Inspire is a charity and social enterprise, joining us in this partnership to represent and support Northern Ireland.

Visit Inspire

Find support locally

We provide information on a range of topics relating to mental health, help in your local area and finding your local Mind via our Infoline.

Contact our infoline 

Other ways to get involved

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