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Awarded to an individual journalist (print, broadcast or online) who has made an outstanding contribution to the understanding of mental health issues. Shortlisters originated in the UK and were published or broadcast from the UK. Entries were either a body of work from across the year, or an individual article which demonstrates significant research or investigative journalism.

Winner: Marverine Cole

Black Girls Don't Cry, BBC Radio 4

In the ground-breaking documentary Black Girls Don't Cry, journalist and broadcaster Marverine Cole asks why women of African-Caribbean heritage living in the UK are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorder than white women.  Marverine also explores why there has been a disturbing rise in the rates of self-harm among black women aged 16-34.

Shortlisted entries

Carolyn Atkinson

You and Yours, BBC Radio 4

Disability reporter Carolyn Atkinson is given access to a ward for young women experiencing borderline personality disorders, where new approaches to mental health care are having astonishing results. Carolyn shares the powerful stories of the women who have spent years in different mental health settings experiencing physical restraint and seclusion. She explores how the eradication of restraint techniques is giving these women their lives back. 

Katie Barnfield

ITV News London

Katie Barnfield, lead reporter for mental health at ITV News London, showcases an unwavering commitment to pushing mental health coverage to the top of the news agenda. People are always at the heart of her stories as she delivers original investigative work on mental health treatment, frontline mental health teams, families who have lost loved ones and the incredible talents and skills of people with mental health problems.   

Mick Coyle

Radio City Talk: Liverpool

Radio host Mick Coyle continues to tackle stigma around mental health in his weekly show Mental Health Monday, on Radio City Talk. In the show he secures exclusive interviews with guests and celebrates the hard work of local organisations who improve the lives of others. Mick also curated and hosted the Lost Childhoods event in Liverpool, which shone a light on suicide amongst young people. 

Roohi Hasan

ITV News / ITN

For a decade ITV News has been investigating the plight of current or ex-military personnel living with mental health problems and those who have taken their lives as a result. Senior Producer Roohi Hasan has been at the heart of surfacing and telling these stories and has been described as 'the constant driving force in the ITV News commitment to highlighting these tragic problems'. 

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