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Soaps and Continual Series sponsored by The Energy Network

Awarded to a TV or radio soap transmitted twice or more each week continuously for at least six months of the year. Alternatively, this can be a continual drama series where stand-alone storylines conclude within each episode but the main characters continue throughout.

Winner: Coronation Street

ITV Studios

In Coronation Street Aidan Connor, played by Shane Ward, is struggling with his mental health, but those closest to him were unaware how bad he is feeling. When Aidan takes his own life it has a devastating effect on his family. His father Johnny struggles to make sense of what has happened, while his sister Kate finds her grief turns to anger at her brother for putting them through this.

Shortlisted entries


BBC Studios

For Mental Health Awareness Week, seven episodes of Doctors were aired covering the topic of mental health within communities. The series explores the lives of people with different mental health problems and the impact it has on their loved ones. The programme highlights the importance of talking openly about mental health, the need for more understanding and the gaps in our emergency services.


Lime Pictures, Channel 4

Well-known character in Hollyoaks Alfie Nightingale, played by Richard Linell, battles with Schizoaffective Disorder, which causes mood fluctuations, hallucinations and depression. After struggling to cope with the grief of his girlfriend's death and his father's illness, his behaviour becomes more erratic and he starts hearing a voice. His relationships suffer as a consequence, but it isn't before threatening to take his own life that his family realise he needs professional help.

Pobol y Cwm

BBC Wales

In Pobol y Cwm, when Dr Elgan Pritchard, a former army medic, arrives in the village of Cwmderi, he shows no signs of the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) he'd developed after the war. Over nine months, Elgan embarks on a difficult but life-changing journey, from denial and depression, to his acceptance of PTSD and the beginning of his recovery. With the support of his friends, and professional therapy, Elgan finds a way to manage his PTSD and succeeds in laying the past to rest.

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