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Why Rebecca's taking on Mind Hike again

Friday, 20 January 2017 Rebecca

Read about Rebecca's experience in Mind Hike 2016, the challenges she faced and why she's taking on another 40 miles in Mind Hike 2017.

Last year I completed Mind Hike 2016, trekking for 24 hours along the Offa’s Dyke Trail. I’ll never forget the experience and I’m excited to say I’ve signed up again this year!

"At the time of signing up for the challenge I was very low and felt having a focus would help me."

At the time of signing up for the challenge last year I was very low. I felt having a focus would help me. I often read things on the Mind website and when I saw the Mind Hike advertised, I decided to apply. I was so happy when I got accepted for the challenge. 

After learning that I had got into the hike, my marriage broke down and my depression worsened. But I was never going to give up or quit the challenge, so I got up every morning, looked after my children and got back to work.

"The greatest thing about it for me was being with people who understood."

The hike itself was amazing. The greatest thing about it for me was being with people who understood. I didn't have to wear a mask at all, or pretend everything was 'fine'. I was able to talk if I wanted to, or not, if I wanted to.  My team actually walked for 27 and a half hours.  I remember the feeling of calm and for the first time in a long time I felt at peace.

"I’ve signed up for the Mind Hike 2017 because I loved the experience, the people I met and the feelings I had."

I’ve signed up for Mind Hike 2017, this time in the Lake District, because I loved the experience, the people I met and the feelings I had. For those who suffer with depression, you will understand when I say that sometimes we are numb to certain emotions. The hike helped me to feel and I'll never forget that.

With my home life being chaotic in the run up to the hike last year, I only actually walked for 13 miles, once during my training. My feet did suffer so for this hike I intend to prepare more!

Mind is a charity close to my heart and I will continue to raise awareness of it and the fabulous work it does.

I want to thank you Mind for allowing me to be part of such a special experience again.

And to everyone reading, I hope you might considering joining me!

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