Cancer, depression and my world record attempt

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Posted on 20/08/2015 |

After battling cancer and fighting mental health problems, there's no challenge too big for Adrianne. Those experiences are fuelling her fundraising event for Mind, an epic challenge that might just set a new world record along the way.

Next March, I will be leaving my hometown of Northampton to travel over 18,000 miles across the globe. I’ll be cycling, running and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) my way to raise £100,000 to be split between Mind and Cancer Research UK. Hopefully, I'll set a new world record along the way, as the first person to SUP/Bike/Run around the world.

I first heard about Mind a couple of years ago after a friend was diagnosed with depression and I was looking for support materials so that I could help her. A few months ago, I too was diagnosed with depression following a number of stressful incidents both at work and in my personal life. I’m now working on a number of things to help myself to recovery.

This challenge is going to be both epic and nerve-racking at the same time, but I want to show just how powerful the mind and body can be.

I’m also a cancer survivor and have what I call my ‘bad leg’. It’s the leg that I had the cancer on, and I’m now missing both muscle and feeling in it, which could cause problems but I’m working hard to strengthen it before March.

This challenge is going to be both epic and nerve-racking at the same time, but I want to show just how powerful the mind and body can be. More and more stories are coming out about the stresses of lives and workplaces, crushing people and leading them to have mental health problems. It needs to stop. We only get one life and that life should be a happy and productive one, not one where stress takes over.

The planning that is going in to this challenge is monumental and I’m going to be in uncharted waters in parts! But if I inspire just one person or show them that support is out there, it will be make me so incredibly happy - I don’t want anyone to feel how I did in my darkest times.

I’m using life savings and running a crowdfunder to get me around the world, and aiming to raise my £100,000 target through my Virgin Money Giving page. Please support, get involved, and even join me en route if you have the time.


You can support Adrianne's fundraising online,

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