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Crisis services and planning for a crisis

This guide explains what mental health crisis services are available, how they can help and when to access them. It also explains how you can plan for a crisis. If you're feeling in crisis right now, see our emergency advice..

"I once saw a crisis team within a few hours of seeing my GP. They said they couldn't understand what the problem was and therefore couldn't help me, which left me feeling very unsupported."

It can be really hard if you don't get the crisis care you need, but it's important to remember that you deserve help and support. Here are some options for you to think about:

  • Explore other options for support. There may be something you haven't tried yet that could be helpful. (Our pages on Useful contacts and facing and overcoming barriers suggest some starting points.)
  • Get to know your rights. Our legal pages explain your rights in a range of situations. If you're unhappy with how you've been treated, you can complain.
  • Find an advocate. An advocate could help you to express yourself and get your voice heard. (Find out more in our pages on advocacy.)
  • Take action with Mind. We're campaigning for better crisis care across the country. (See our campaigning page for more information.)

This information was published in October 2018. We will revise it in 2021.

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