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Meet the Philanthropy Team

We’re the Philanthropy Team at Mind. We share a collective passion for Mind’s mission of better mental health. We’re dedicated to providing excellent bespoke stewardship to you. We are continuously inspired by your generosity. And are committed to ensuring that you receive a personal and rewarding journey with Mind and make the most significant impact possible with your giving. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Imogen Topliss

Head of Philanthropy

“I joined Mind’s philanthropy team in 2014 after seeing friends live through the suicide of a loved one and struggle to get support for their own mental health. That year, waiting times for talking therapies on the NHS had only just been put into place. Something Mind had campaigned for. 

“Since then, I have been inspired by philanthropists who want to transform mental health support. And trust Mind to be there online, on the phone, face to face at local Minds, in the workplace and in schools.”

Imogen (far right), Head of Philanthropy

Dzuliana, Senior Philanthropy Officer

Dzuliana Luksa-Soltanovic

Senior Philanthropy Officer

“Mental health doesn’t discriminate. We all know this too well through our own experiences and those of our loved ones.

“Mind is here to make sure everyone remains empowered to speak up about their experiences. And get support when they need it most.”

Angela Kelly

Senior Philanthropy Officer

I joined Mind in the Autumn of 2021, 18 months after the first lockdown was announced. Although most restrictions have been lifted, we are only beginning to see the dire impact of the coronavirus on our mental health today, so it is vital we act now.

Thanks to our wonderfully generous philanthropists, we can deliver life-saving programmes to empower people to understand their mental health condition and to make the right choices of support available to them.


“We won't give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect they deserve”.

Angela, Senior Philanthropy Officer

Bianca (right) with our Chairman Stevie Spring

Bianca Bello-Biamonti

Senior Project Manager - Major Giving

“I joined Mind in 2018. I’ve worked in mental health hospitals and have always been a passionate advocate of good mental health. Throughout our lives, we experience surprises that we are left to face. Some beautiful, others challenging. Whilst we can’t change the element of uncertainty, we can make sure that no one is left to face this alone. 

“This motivates me every day in the work that I do, along with the compassionate people that deliver our programmes and services. I am so grateful for all the incredible individuals who support us. From funders and advisers. To those who bravely help shape our programme of events by sharing their mental health journey. It would be impossible without you. You make it possible.”

Georgi Peyok

Senior Special Events Officer - Major Giving

“After fifteen years in charity events I landed my dream job within a wonderfully supportive team at Mind; a cause that has personally touched my life and touched other people in my life. I joined in 2021, the year the organisation celebrated 75 years in existence. It's incredible how mental health has rocketed up the political and corporate agenda in the last decade and Mind has led some fantastically effective campaigns to smash through stigma and discrimination. 

“But there is still so much to fight for, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to be part of that fight alongside our amazing supporters and sponsors.”

Georgi, Senior Special Events Officer, Major Giving

Jordan, Prospect Researcher

Jordan Harris

Prospect Researcher

I joined Mind in October 2021 to help the Major Giving team maximise their potential, which will allow Mind to keep fighting for everyone experiencing a mental health problem to get support. I’m passionate about ensuring supporters get the best possible journey and making sure that our team can build and maintain good relationships.

I ensure the highest fundraising standards are met and all opportunities are explored to allow Mind to support those who need it.

Daisy Axtell-Powell

Philanthropy Officer

“I joined Mind in 2022 having long been a supporter and admirer of the charity. As someone who has experienced dangerously long waiting times for mental health support in the past, I could not be more passionate about the work we do here and aware of why we need to exist.

I am truly thankful and in awe of the generous support we receive from philanthropists who are always so keen to help fund our vital work & improve the lives of those living with mental health conditions.

Every day working for Mind is a privilege and I feel honoured to be a part of such an incredible organisation. Someone once told me “Mental illness is a flaw in chemistry, not character.” That has stuck with me for many years, and I look forward to the day when everyone accepts fact. I know that Mind, and our amazing supporters, will ensure we get there.”

Daisy, Philanthropy Officer

John and Jeff at one of Mind's Philanthropy events in 2019

John Harvey, Principle Gift Consultant with Jeff Shear, Founder of Solid Management

“Affinity to Mind’s cause helped inspire us to bring our depth of knowledge of the philanthropy sector to advise Mind’s Board, CEO office and wider Partnerships Team. Jeff works principally with Mind’s Philanthropy Team, which includes John Harvey. 

“We joined Mind’s Philanthropy Team in 2018 and are both seasoned West Ham United fans!”

Get in touch

If you believe passionately in creating change for people experiencing mental health problems, we would love to work with you.

To learn more about our current funding needs and how your support could make a difference, please email our Philanthropy Team at [email protected] or call us on 0208 215 2299. 

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