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Housing and mental health

People with mental health problems are being failed when it comes to housing. This needs to change. We want to see everyone with a mental health problem living in a place that's right for them. Learn about our campaign, and get involved.

The facts about housing and mental health

Issues across the private and social housing sectors mean not enough people are living safe, stable and suitable accommodation.

We surveyed more than 2000 people about their housing situation. We found:

  • 80% of people with mental health problems have lived in housing that has made their mental health worse.
  • 40% of people with mental health problems have experienced stigma or discrimination in the place they live.
  • 66% of people with mental health problems have had an issue with the quality of their home.

How to get involved

Social housing is meant to be safe, secure and low cost. But for many of us with mental health problems, our housing situation has made our mental health worse.

We spoke to Sarah, Nadia and Gabbi to hear about the barriers they faced trying to get social housing.

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First you'll hear from Sarah. When Sarah's relationship broke down, she found herself homeless and her mental health deteriorating. 

Next, you'll hear from Gabbi. Gabbi spent time in hospital before ending up on the street and then in a series of hostels.

Next, you'll hear Nadia's story. Nadia and her teenage son faced eviction after her business went under and she could no longer pay the rent. 

Finally, you'll hear from Rob. Rob manages Sheffield Mind's Connect 3 service, which provides housing-focused mental health support. 

Where to get support with housing

Are you experiencing issues with where you live? We have online information about housing and mental health. It explains your rights around housing, and the support available if your housing situation isn't good enough.

Go to the info

Other ways to get involved

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