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Fund the Hubs: mental health support for young people before they reach crisis

Young people need somewhere to go when they first start to struggle with their mental health.

We've partnered with other mental health organisations to launch the #FundTheHubs campaign, calling on the UK Government to fund a network of early support hubs for young people aged 1125 across England.

Hundreds of thousands of young people are struggling with their mental health – and too often they can’t get support when they first need it.

We know that the earlier a young person gets support for their mental health, the more effective that support will be.

That’s why we've partnered with Young Minds, Youth Access, the Children’s Society, the Children and the Young People’s Mental Health Coalition, Centre for Mental Health and Black Thrive to call on the UK Government to fund a network of hubs across England.

Such hubs would provide young people with mental health support when their problems first emerge – before they hit crisis point.

​But we need your help.

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Ask your MP to #FundTheHubs.

You can take action by urging your MP to support the #FundTheHubs campaign.

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Learn more about early support hubs

We have never been more determined to fight for better mental health – and to do that young people will be at the heart of our work.

An early support hub provides open access, flexible, early mental health support for young people aged 11 to 25 in their local communities.

Early support hubs already exist in some areas, and we want to build on these successful examples.

We also need to ensure they have consistent, long-term funding.

We're calling for this funding from the UK Government to be in addition to more investment in specialist NHS mental health services and in youth services, as well as better support in schools. 

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The mental health needs of young people are increasing rapidly.

In 2017, 1 in 10 young people had a mental health problem. By 2020, it was 1 in 6.

The pandemic has sped up a crisis in young people’s mental health that was already growing fast.

Many young people are worried about asking for help because of stigma, the challenges of accessing support and previous experience of long waiting times.

Early support hubs provide easy-to-access, local support for young people, without the need for a referral or an appointment.

They offer psychological therapies as well as advice and guidance on other issues impacting young people’s lives.

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