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Our research in the emergency services

We’ve had positive results from our work with emergency services through the Blue Light Programme. Emergency services are developing and leading their own wellbeing and mental health initiatives, building on these foundations.

We’ve learned a lot about what can make a difference, through our independent and robust research. Our knowledge is based on four years of developing, testing and evaluating a range of mental health and wellbeing interventions tailored to the needs of emergency services.

Thank you to all the researchers and research organisations who helped us plan and evaluate the Blue Light Programme, and all the 999 team members who participated in research activities.

Programme scoping and evaluation

We commissioned scoping research at the start of the Blue Light Programme, including a survey of emergency services staff and volunteers. We repeated the survey at the close of the programme in early 2019, to see what had changed.

Findings from our 2019 survey:

Our earlier surveys and scoping research:

We also reported on the programme’s impact at the end of year one, and after a year of delivering the programme in Wales.

At key stages throughout the programme, we gathered together research and evaluation to better share what we’d learned, and make recommendations.

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