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What can I do to help myself cope?

If you're feeling overwhelmed or out of control, you might want to try different methods of calming yourself down. There are some specific strategies that a crisis team might try to use with you to manage and minimize any symptoms you might be experiencing.

Coping techniques are simple exercises that try to accept, address and reduce the things you are experiencing.

I want to try...

Making a plan for the next few hours

If you are finding it difficult to focus or are unsure how to manage your day, writing down what you'll do next might help you feel more in control of the situation.

Try our step by step tool for getting through the next few hours

Relaxing and calming exercises



If you are feeling anxious or scared there are many things you can do to help yourself cope.

Here are some simple exercises you can try that might calm you down. 

Coping with scary thoughts

Some people experience thoughts that are frightening or alarming you. They could be about suicide, harming yourself, harming others, or hearing voices.

We've put together a few ways that help people cope with unsettling thoughts.

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