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Practical activities

Doing something practical might not sort things out long-term, but right now the most important thing is feeling better short-term.

Many people find that making or doing something practical can take their mind of the thoughts and feelings that are worrying them.

I-love -writing ...


Immersing yourself in a world you have created, or focusing on how words fit together and sound can be a great way of occupying your mind if there's too much going on for you right now.

Try these writing exercises if you don't have something you want to write about right now.



Lots of people find crafting a good distraction if their thoughts and feelings become too overwhelming.

Here are some videos on simple crafting projects:


Playing music

There's something about music for many people, which can have have a really powerful impact on your mood.

If you don't have any instruments why don't you try searching for your favourite song or artist in Youtube or try to make something using this tool.