The first step

Many of us are brought up not to talk about our feelings, or to feel ashamed when we feel unhappy, alone or angry.

This can make asking for help feel impossible.

By coming here to the Mind website, you have made that first important step. And we'll be here for every step after this. 

Take a look at some of our info, which we've put together specifically for people asking for help for the first time. 

Remember you don't have to act on anything or make any decisions just yet. Just have a look, and see how you feel. 


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Where do I start?

Asking for help can be a really important first step in getting the support you need to feel better and stay well. 

This info talks about about: 

  • when it's ok to seek help
  • who you can talk to
  • what you might want to say 
  • how you can prepare

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Visiting a doctor

The idea of going to your GP for the first time might feel scary or overwhelming. 

This information will help you prepare. It will tell you:

  • what they might ask 
  • what might happen next
  • whether what you tell them is confidential

Read more about talking to your doctor >

Which treatment?

If you go to your doctor about your mental health they might recommend some sort of treatment such as talking therapy or medication. 

This information explains:

  • How you can make sure you're views are listened to 
  • The type of treament you might get
  • Who might treat you
  • Where you might be treated

Read more about treatments >

When I found the information on Mind's website, everything started to make sense. It was so comforting to know I wasn't alone.

Talking about feeling suicidal

Rohan, Lee and Graham talk about what it's like to feel suicidal. 

Our 'Talking about mental health' videos cover everything from depression to bipolar to OCD. 


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