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The Mind Walk Resources

What to say and where to say it.

Fly the flag for mental health by taking part in The Mind Walk. Every donation you ask for is a conversation about mental health that will add up to the change in understanding we desperately need. But finding the words can be hard, so we've got lots of ideas to get you started. Find the words for posts, texts, and emails, and images to share below.

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Asking for donations for The Mind Walk

Find the works to ask for support can be tricky. Find templates for asking for a donation across every type of communication - text, email, social media - we've got you sorted! 

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Talking about mental health

Starting a conversation about The Mind Walk also means talking about mental health problems. We have lots of resources to help talking about mental health problems for the first time.

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Seeking help for mental health problems

A conversation about The Mind Walk could lead to you or someone you chat to seeking help for a mental health problem. Find lots of information about this should you need it.

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Other ways to get involved

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