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By requesting or downloading our free guide to wills you can ask us to include a list of local solicitors to you. We’d suggest discussing your needs with a solicitor of your choice.

Often a solicitor will be able to offer joint, also known as mirror wills at a lower price than two separate wills. Moving house, marriage or a change in family circumstance can prompt people to review their plans.

Because we are not solicitors, nor qualified in this area of law; we can't advise on this. Please obtain suitable professional advice in respect of these type of trusts. 

We don’t offer any financial, or tax planning advice. You may want to consult a specialist advisor to help you plan your will. You can ask us for a list of local solicitors to you when downloading or requesting our guide on wills.


Please contact our wills team on 020 8215 2243 or email [email protected]

Please email [email protected] or call our office on 020 8215 2243.

Answers on our Free Will offer

How you phrase your will depends on what type of gift you want to make. There are two main types of gifts or legacies that people tend to leave to charities. Your solicitor can help you with more specific, or complex gifts.


Using the National Free Wills Network, we will offer you a choice of solicitors who will help you make or amend a simple will at no cost. We offer the service to make it easier for you to write or update your Will.

The offer is meant for Mind supporters, of adult age. Once the allocation of wills Mind is offering has been taken, the offer may be withdrawn, so please register early to get your will made or updated using the offer. Please note you must supply a UK address when registering for the offer.

Yes. One registration can be used for you and your partner. Many partners will make joint wills, sometimes known as mirror wills which are very similar. Simply register once in your name, and present the yellow form to the solicitor that you both choose when making or updating your wills.

Mind is part of The National Free Wills Network. Supporters of Mind can register through us, to take up the offer of a free will. You should be able to find a choice of solicitors near you, as over 700 law firms are part of the network. This means typically your nearest solicitor is close by and usually less than 15 miles from your address.


Yes. There are participating solicitors available in both Scotland and Northern Ireland. As with other parts of the UK the nearer you live to a larger town, or city usually results in a greater number of firms located closer to you.

In any will you write or update through this offer you do not have to include a gift to Mind, or any charity. All we ask is when you make, or update your will consider if you could then include a gift to Mind. A gift of any value makes a difference, and helps ensure no one has to cope alone with a mental health problem.

Yes. More extensive work, for example a trust fund in your will may incur extra cost to you. Please make your needs clear to your chosen solicitor when arranging your appointment, and then you will be able to talk through costs just for this extra work you will be asked to pay for.

Mind has paid a discounted rate on a limited number of wills, which are offered freely to supporters. Simple wills, or simple mirror wills for you and a partner are free within the offer.

You can register online at by completing the form on our website. You can email [email protected] or call our Wills Team on 020 8215 2243 to register over the phone. Please note, we can only take registrations whilst the offer is open.

1. Allow a couple of weeks from registering for your pack to arrive in the mail, detailing the offer and this includes participating solicitors near you.

2. You have 3 months to contact your chosen solicitor, explain you are being referred from the Free Wills Network offer with Mind, then make your appointment.


3. During your will making appointment the solicitor will work for you, to make or update your will which means you are in control.

4. On concluding your will, you must complete a confidential declaration form, which facilitates payment.

The National Free Wills Network conforms to relevant regulations of The Law Societies as well as the Charity Commission and the Institute of Fundraising.

Any participating solicitor you are referred to within the National Free Wills Network is an independent professional. You will receive from them impartial and confidential advice. All Network solicitors are members of their relevant Law Society. Participation of a firm of solicitors in the Network does not imply an endorsement by Mind.

Answers on the Free Wills Month Promotion

The campaign that Mind is part of in March and October will be listed here on our website. If you live in the same region as our campaign, there will be solicitors near you, that are participating. If you live outside the campaign area, visit our website as you may be able to register for our ongoing free will offer.

1. Visit the Free Wills Month website

2. Enter your postcode, and any required information?

3. The available solicitors near you will be displayed and you can contact any of them to arrange your will.

Those using offer are under no obligation to make a gift to Mind, or any charity. Many people see this as a chance to help Mind with a gift in a will, and we just hope you would do the same.

If you want to register, simply follow the steps as above. Please be aware that appointments are limited, so arrange yours early to avoid disappointment.

You can either check on the Free Wills Month website in case there's a similar offer in your area. Or you are welcome to check our website and if we are running our own free will offer, this is across the whole UK, and you can register for that.

The Free Wills Month promotion is intended for those over 55. If you are making or updating a joint will with a partner, only one person need be 55 or over.

You are welcome to check our website and if we are running our own free will offer, although this is intended for people over 55 this is open to people under 55 too, and you can register for that.

Yes, mention this to your chosen solicitor at the start, and joint wills can be made or updated together.

A simple will, or joint wills are free. More extensive work, for example a trust fund in your will may incur extra cost to you. Please make your needs clear to your chosen solicitor when arranging your appointment. Yout will be able to talk through costs for just this extra work you will be asked to pay for.

Mind is one of a number of charities that are part of the campaign. The campaign itself is run by our partners, Free Wills Month who operate the campaign on behalf of the charities taking part.

Terms and Conditions apply, see for details.

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