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We would like to send you information about the work we do, ways we can support you and you can support us, to make sure that everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect. As well as sharing our latest news, we will contact you about events and fundraising for Mind, our campaigns and the many ways you can shape our work.

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Did you know that spending as little as 10 minutes a day on a mindful activity can help boost your mood? Sign up now and we’ll send you six weeks of easy, enjoyable and inspiring activities to try.

Each week, you’ll receive an email with calming, creative or energising challenges, practical tips on how to give yourself a boost and inspirational thoughts to set you up for a brighter day.

Relaxing exercises

With stretches to try at your desk, breathing exercises and tips to connect to yourself or others, you’ll discover new ways to relax and breathe.

Enjoyable activities

There’s a new, easy and enjoyable activity to do each week from drawing to scrapbooking – all from materials you’ll have at home.

Inspiration & motivation

With regular tips on how to focus and stay motivated, and an inspirational thought each week, there’s so much to help boost your wellbeing.

During the first lockdown, 60% of us felt our mental health had worsened

It’s not surprising that many of us are now finding a third lockdown in winter tough. Our free six weeks of mindful activities could help give your wellbeing a much-needed boost during lockdown, and help brighten each day. Sign up now for your first email and give it a try.

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