Back-to-work support that works for you

Most people with mental health problems want to work and would do if they got the right kind of support.

Back-to-work schemes have little understanding of people with mental health problems and simply aren’t working. They’re actually making more people unwell and less likely to find work.

When you’re in work and living with a mental health problem, personalised support and an understanding employer go a long way to helping you stay healthy and perform your job well. When you’re out of work and living with a mental health problem, finding a job presents a huge challenge. You need personalised and specialist support to get into work.

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We've got work to do

We need a new programme focusing on person-centred and specialist support that understands people with mental health problems and the challenges they face.

Read our report ‘We’ve got work to do’ which sets out the principles of how such a programme could work.

Improving access to in-work support

We have been campaigning for equal access to in-work support for people with mental health problems through a scheme called Access to Work. At present, it is far easier to gain this support if you have a physical health problem. We don't think this is fair.

We are therefore pleased that in March 2015, the Government announced they will be taking steps to change this. This includes making access to support more straightforward and increasing the awareness of employers of support available. The type of support available includes:

  • a support worker of job coach to help you in your workplace
  • a support service if you have a mental health condition and you're absent from work or finding it difficult to work
  • mental health awareness training for your colleagues
  • a communicator at a job interview
  • fares to work if you can't use public transport.

We know there are lots more issues to resolve in supporting people to work, but this is a step forward.

Find out more about Access to Work here.

Read the Government announcement here.


Our campaigning work

Following years of campaigning the government now acknowledges that people with mental health problems are being let down by support. We are therefore working closely with the Department for Work and Pensions to ensure any future support for people with mental health problems is better designed and delivered. This has involved hosting roundtables, responding to consultations, meeting with MPs and Ministers, showcasing examples of brilliant support across our network and consistently holding the DWP to account. Some examples of our work in this area include:

Our work on the cuts to ESA WRAG

We, along with the disability sector, fought hard to defend against proposed cuts to the Employment Support Allowance Work-Related Activity Group (ESA WRAG). This included:

Whilst the cuts unfortunately were passed in Parliament (you can read about this here), we are continuing to campaign to ensure those affected receive the support they need.

Policy briefings

Our briefings for policymakers set out the changes to welfare and employment support that could make a real difference for people with mental health problems.

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Campaign with us

Become a Mind campaigner today. You'll be supported to speak out and take action on our campaigns.

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Get support

Read our suggestions of where to get support with your benefits claim, complaint or appeal.

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