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Student Journalist sponsored by Frances Segelman, Lady Petchey

Awarded to an individual or group of students who have developed print, broadcast or online material for university or college media targeted at students, or for a piece of journalism completed as part of a university course.

Winner: Rosie Dowsing

Fathers on the Edge: Are new dads being failed?

On average, 1 in 10 dads suffer postnatal depression and 69% of new fathers feel like a 'spare part'. With almost no paternity mental health services, few paternity leave options, and age-old gender stereotypes, are new fathers being failed? Fathers on the Edge is the story of the stigma and loneliness that many dads face.

Shortlisted entries

Feeling Blue? Mental Health at Cambridge University

Documentary and report Feeling Blue? paints a picture of the unique mental health landscape of Cambridge University. The investigation - carried out by Luke Naylor-Perrot, Jay Richardson, Natalie Hussein, Lucy Alphonse and team - takes a deep-dive into the cultural and institutional issues that affect the university's undergraduates. Included are interviews from the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, college nurses, freshers, finalists, rowers, choral scholars and anonymous academics.

Joshua Zitser

Handed Down: A Look Into Transgenerational Trauma, City University London

Drawing on his experiences of panic attacks and anxiety and the trauma experienced by his grandmother who survived Auschwitz, Joshua explores whether his mental health problems might have been inherited. In the podcast, Joshua asks whether it could be purely coincidental that three generations of his family could have the same mental health problems or whether the horrors experienced by his grandmother might have had a trans-generational impact.

Jessica Hubbard

The State of Mental Health at Sussex University

Jessica's article explores the shortfalls of mental health support provided by Sussex University following the death of student Daniel Bowen. Jessica drew on testimony from students with mental health problems, interviews with senior management and Students' Union staff and freedom of information requests. The article communicates issues surrounding mental health to senior management at Sussex and shows improving, but inadequate, support is available.

Mollie Simpson

The newspapers' coverage of Archie Day's death shows they don't take depression seriously, University of Manchester

This article calls out the sensationalist and upsetting reporting of Salford student Archie Day's suicide by the tabloid press. The coverage glossed over Archie's mental health problems and instead painted him as a "snowflake"; exemplifying much of the worst reporting around mental health. The Sun and Mail Online changed their headlines in response to Mollie's article.

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