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Speaking Out

The Speaking Out award is given to people who have made an impact by sharing their own experiences of mental health problems. There are so many people who have talked openly this year which made it difficult to select a winner.

Winner: David Harewood

In making a documentary about his own experiences, and by speaking out about a topic that the judges felt is still so misunderstood, David Harewood has helped to break down stigma and make the diagnosis of psychosis far less of a taboo.

One judge said – 'it wasn't just what he did, it was the way he did it'. In his documentary, we were able to join him on a journey back in time to piece together what happened when he was unwell. Many thought revisiting - and even re-living - these experiences took a great deal of courage to explore, and broke new ground.

Above all, it was an uplifting, at times funny and touching documentary which showed that it is possible to get through psychosis and cope with the impact that it can have.

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